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♦ We buy silver flatware, jewelry, goldsmith scraps, silver & gold coins, dental gold, placer gold and bullion


♦ Well established local Vancouver Island business.


♦ 10 years experience dealing in precious metals. 


♦ Secure transaction arranged by appointment only.


♦ Testing done at time of purchase. Know what you are selling. 


♦ Immediate payment for all Gold and Silver. We absorb all shipping, smelting and refinery costs.


♦ Guaranteed top rates paid based on world spot price.We welcome any comparison.


♦ References available.


♦ Free shipping. Send us your items by mail or courier. We refund the shipping.



♦ Solid track record of successful negotiations and sales.


♦ Competitive commission structure.


♦ If we don't sell your item there is no cost to you.


♦ We handle all research and buyer negotiations to ensure a top price is received.


♦ We communicate regularly with you during the marketing and sales process.


♦ Immediate payment to you once sale is complete.


♦ Full transparency on all details. 





♦ Careful evaluation of all household & personal items.


♦ Full transparency on dispostion of property. 


♦ Thorough research undertaken for all important pieces.


♦ Fair & competitive rates for our services. 


♦ We handle everything; removing all the stress from our clients. 


♦ Continual communication on our progress.


♦ In business for over 10 years on the Island. Excellent references offered. 


♦ We work with our clients in their best interest. 


 Helpful Tips


                                                                  "Approaching an Estate Liquidation"



The finalizing of an estate is often a stressful and confusing time for those entrusted to the task. Yet, with some upfront planning, the process can be handled efficiently, quickly and most important, with minimal emotional impact on the family.

At Nido Coins & Collectibles, we like to recommend a staged approach, starting with immediate family wishes for the estate and progressing from there until all items have been addressed. With a simple approach to each step in the process, we have found that estates can be handled in a manner where proper care and respect for the property is exhibited. Especially important is the recognition of personal items for handling, along with "unknown" valuables that the family may not be aware of.

When faced with an estate to work through, we advise first and foremost a plan. A plan that is pertinent to each situation. Keep the process simple, where all property is designated depending on the wishes of the family. When using a company to assist, ensure they are not there just to "take and dump." Ask for their "plan" as it relates to your situation. It is important to remember that if emotion dominates the task and decision making process, regrets can, and will, ensue. A professional assisting you can most certainly buffer emotions and maintain "calm" over the process. Rushing should not be an option. It is always helpful to have that independent opinion to keep the process centres on its path.




                                                                  "Old Does Not Necessarily Mean Gold"



There is a general consensus that if an item is old it must be worth a lot. This was the mantra of antique dealers during the 1980's when vintage/antique pieces were all the rage in home decoration. It was regularly stated that "they don't make them any more", "the demand will always be there", and of course my favorite - "you can't lose". Well, as time has jumped to the 21st Century, the transformation of demand has been a lesson in change. The youth of today do not want Silver flatware, China, Gold pocket watches or even vintage and antique furniture. Even the vintage jewelry has given way to throw-away costume pieces.

So if the time has come for you to downgrade or make room for incoming items, be aware that the market for your old, priceless piece has changed. There is no point having your local antique furniture dealer give you an appraisal. The best appraisal is what a real person, with dollars in hand, will pay for your treasure. That is the new reality in the antique furniture business. Market it well and the price will look after itself when you sell.

This does not mean there are not winners out there in the older pieces. It just isn't the "guarantee" so vociferously stated many years ago. Buy because you love it, not because you think it might go up in value based on some arm-pumping, back-slapping, plaid-jacket, cigar-chomping salesman. Remember gravity; it never stops trying to bring things down.


                                                                        Hey! Don't Shoot the Messenger!!



Recently while appraising a coin collection, the owner commented that she was going to "polish up" her coins with the hope of getting a better price. Collectors do not want an "improperly cleaned" coins in their collection so I earnestly advised her she should leave her collection as is. Her wrath towards my advice was instant - accusing me of wanting to keep her coins dirty so that I could pay her less, then clean them myself to receive a better price. Unfortunately she did not take my advice, even when she realized I was appraising her collection, not wanting to buy it myself. Needless to say I left under a barrage of accusations, with her holding the rag and can of Silvo tightly in her grasp.

For those of you unfamiliar with the eccentricities of coin collectors - DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COINS!! This advice extends to any vintage or antique piece, regardless of what it is or the condition it is in. Repairs can be made, as can restorations, but there are professionals out there who know the limits of what is acceptable in the collectible world. Once you decide to paint, change screws or replace a "damaged" portion, you are eroding the integrity and value of the item. If you are selling it - sell it "as is". If you are keeping it - call a professional or leave it alone. (My preference)

Collectors prefer their collectibles in the natural state that time and use has dictated, not a pristine look that is simply a person's vision of "what they think it should be."







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